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Siemens AG, Berlin, GermanyM. FinkelA. GrundE. KynastInternational et al.Dielectric properties of N2/SF6 mixtures for use in GIS or GIL

Decomposition Properties of Epoxy Resin in SF6/N2 Mixture

In this paper, thermal decomposition properties of epoxy resin in SF6/N2 mixture with different SF6 volume rates were studied, and the concentrations of


(mixture) and pressure similarly as in the case of the materials we Lf is shorter in SF6 than in CO2 or N2. On the other hand, the


Investigation of breakdown characteristics of N2, SF6 and SF6-N2 mixtures under pressure doi:10.1049/cp:19990740High Voltage Engineering, 1999. Eleventh

of Pulsating Partial Discharges in SF6-N2 Mixture

Characterization of Pulsating Partial Discharges in SF6-N2 MixtureX. HanYicheng Wang

Prebreakdown Corona Process in SF6 and SF6/N2 Mixtures

Prebreakdown Corona Process in SF6 and SF6/N2 MixturesFARISH,O《Int.sympo.high Voltage Engineering》O. Farish , O. E. Ibrahim and A. Kurimoto  "

Research on the synergy of SF6/N2 mixture gas in low

Under the excitation of a negative DC high voltage, the breakdown voltage of the SF6/N2 mixture gas is measured at a temperature of 0 to -15°C


SF6 for the Itaipú hydroelectric powerstation 550 kV (Siemens. 500 kV ( AREVA . Germany)separation of SF6 / N2 mixtures at end of

electrical insulation performances of sf6n2 gas mixtures

201925-smoke emission requirements for power station cablesThe role of N2 impregnation and ultraviolet, SCHROTH R., OLSHAUSEN R.; SIEMENS AG

SF6 Gas Recovery from SF6 / N2 Mixtures Using Polymer Membrane

SF6 Gas Recovery from SF6 / N2 Mixtures Using Polymer MembraneSF6 gas recoverygas mixturespolymer membranegas purityrecovery loss

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Mixtures of SF6 and N2, useful for example as insulating gas for current-Also disclosed is a mobile mixing station for implementing this process.Heinz

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IEC 60480:2019 PRV Standard | Specifications for the re-use of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and its mixtures in electrical equipment (SF6) and its mixt

Separation of N2SF6 binary mixtures

Experimental investigation of surface streamers in SF6 - N2 mixturesChvyreva, AV AnnaPemen, AJM Guus